Packing and Panicking!


Just two more days till I leave and the stress level is high here in the Adler household. I have materials to get ready for my sharing session at Pardes, packing to finish and I just figured out that my shoes I bought for walking around Jerusalem are making my foot invert and need to be returned. Thank goodness I bought them at Nordy’s where they might take them back despite being worn a couple of times! Well, back to all the things I need to do to be ready to leave on Thursday morning. Check back next week for an update from Jerusalem – Ir HaKodesh (the Holy City). Shalom! Nance

About nancesea

I live in Seattle with my husband Steve. I am an award winning Jewish educator, and primarily teach middle schoolers. My speciality is the Holocaust. My hobbies, when I have time, are reading, live music, and photography. I am passionate about teaching the lessons of the darkest periods history to help inspire my students to assure our future is brighter. Pre-Covid I used to travel yearly to Central and Eastern Europe to continue to learn about this history and make connections with educators there doing similar work. I hope you enjoy my writing on my travels, my learning and Jewish thought and practice. B'vrachot - with blessings - Nance

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