This blog is a way for me to communicate about my learning – in all the forms that it might take. I also share my writing about my teaching and using that learning. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Nance, Sandy and I have been following your journey with interest . HAve a great time and bring back some good ideas for the kids. I was discussing your trip with our minister on Sunday after church – he is the leader of our church group that is venturing to the Holy Land in January of 2012 ( he has been 2 times previously). Kevin expressed a desire to follow your blog and I sent him the Blog address which I use to come to this site. Kevin called this morning and said t6hat when he clicked on the address it took him to your personal email account. Does he need to be pre-apprved to view your site or are we all doing something incorrectly? His name is Kevin Horak and his email address is

    Thanks for your help, Enjoy and Blessing on you.


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